Office Disinfection Fog Machine

At Envirosan we are always looking for new products to fulfill a need and that also complement our core business. To this end we have are working on a range of products to help fight the spread of infection from Covid 19 and other pathogens.

We are pleased to be able to offer these decontamination units which are designed to be at entrances and exits of buildings. With the push of a button automatically dispense our safe non-toxic Biocide which has been tested as an effective virucide.This will cover the person standing in front of it in a fine Atomised mist which will kill any pathogens attached to clothing and exposed parts of the body.

These units combined with a regular service to clean, test and top up levels of the biocide will ensure you are doing the best you can to help keep your workers safe and your business operational. We anticipate a high demand for these units so reserve yours today as the supply is limited!

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Disinfection machine

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