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Delivery and collection to event or site. Toilets are fully stocked with toilet rolls, soaps, hand towels and chemicals. All prices are exclusive of VAT.

Envirosan Toilets are insured for Public & Employee Liability. It is however the customer’s responsibility to insure the unit(s) against loss or damage during the hire period. It is worth checking to see if you are covered by your household / event insurance policy.

Once the toilets have been sited on delivery they should not be moved. If at the point of collection we find the toilets to have been moved from the original location any extra time required onsite or damage caused will be charged to the hirer.

On delivery of our portable toilets we carry out a set of tests to ensure that everything is functioning correctly before we leave. We offer a standby service during the event to clear and replenish toilet rolls and paper towels. If required this would be an extra cost.

We provide both types of portable toilets: mains free toilets are self-contained toilet units and mains connected toilets are also available; which require electricity. We can supply generators, transformers and cables if required.

Envirosan will provide the initial consumable items in each toilet. We advise that the toilets are regularly checked during the event and toilet rolls replenished. On request we can supply additional toilet rolls and paper towels.

All waste is contained within each toilet unit, is collected at the end of your event and is taken to a waste disposal site. Envirosan are a registered waste carrier and have the correct license to perform this task.

For events taking place over a period of days we would recommend that a service visit is carried out to keep the units clean and sanitary. However for one day events it may also be necessary to have the toilets serviced during the day.

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