Toilet Hire Range

Envirosan offers a wide range of chemical toilet hire to match every need and context

Our chemical toilet hire services can be used in a variety of industries

  • Construction
  • Facilities Management
  • Industrial
  • Events & Private Hire

Our fleet of chemical toilets are less than 2 years old and are predominately the Shorlink range.

We also offer Hot Wash Options (110v or 240v)

When you hire from Envirosan, you also hire a compliment of excellent service and aftercare.

This is something we are passionate about and which our longevity and repeat business is testament to.

At Envirosan our toilets are always serviced to agreed timescales.  During these services we remove and dispose of the the effluent, clean the inside of the toilet, refill the water vessels, replenish the soap, (and the hand sanitiser where applicable), supply toilet tissue and flushable hand towels.

All of our equipment complies with HSE legislation guidance.  This guarantees you, the user, a quality product that is a delight to  use.

Our service teams at Envirosan are recognised as the premier operatives in the industry.

Quality assurance is paramount for us, that’s why we audit the work of our service team on a monthly basis, ensuring a first class service every time.

portable toilets

The Envirosan Range


Meridian Toilet


Meridian Hand Wash and Toilet


Suburban Toilet

Base : MD Polyethylene

Roof : HD Polyethylene

Door & Frame : HD Polyethylene

Side Panels : HD Polyethylene

Total Weight : 110 Kg (240 lbs approx)

Total Width : 1166 mm

Total Depth : 1215 mm

Total Height : 2316 mm

Door Height : 1975 mm

Door Width : 639 mm

Waste Tank Capacity : 225 litres

Large wash basin capacity : 65 litres

Meridian Hand Wash Station

Meridian Hand Wash Station

Wheelchair Accessible

Wheelchair Accessible

Portable Urinal

Portable Urinal

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