Bill and Ben left Kintore after arriving early to look at potential premises in Dyce.

Hunger got the better of us, we spotted Marshall’s Farm Shop and restaurant.

If you are up here stop! The Marshall’s shop is wonderful the staff, friendly, I got to sit on a Classic tractor

We moved tentatively towards the restaurant hoping we were early enough for the legendry breakfast.

We were in luck.

We were full, we were under pressure to get moving again, Ben had to buy a small Valentine gift for his partner, the gift store is excellent, he spent more than he should have, he is young, he will learn! [I have no idea why jade likes pictures of silverback gorillas, that was the theme of the Valentine card?]

We headed south to the Great City of Dundee.

The Gaming Hub of Europe if not the world. The City that gave us Marmalade, Jute and some of the finest Sea going vessels to operate in the frozen oceans around Antarctica and the Antarctic. Oh and a special mention to my Auntie Lizzie and Uncle Frank who were proud Dundonians.

Ben and I headed to the dockside , we were keen to see the Discovery and the new museum. We were not disappointed.

We paid a small fee to enter and wow, the experience was terrific.

The best was yet to come.

We headed on Board the Ship” the Discovery”

The same Ship Captain Falcon Scott had travelled on for his first Antartic adventure.” 1902”.

The Indomitable Shackleton was part of the team.

Both Scott and Shackleton returned to Antarctica on other missions to very different out comes.

The Ship was a wonder, of Scottish Engineering, Ship Craft and the skill of the Dundee men folk who built her.

We wandered around the Ship in amazement at how they managed to get 28 men on board with Dogs, coal, food, water, scientific equipment, sail to the other end of the world and stay sane.

Neither I nor Ben could imagine scaling the rigging spending a few hours on watch, I said to Ben that if he climbed the rigging every day he would look like a Silver back Gorilla [I am sure Jade would find him more attractive]

We went down stairs had a look around, we stopped at the sick bay and noted that the patient looked like one of our colleagues (he or she will remain unnamed)

The Doctor looks like our transport manager Ross, though the mannequin of the doctor seemed to have a far better fashion sense than our Transport manager!

We finished the tour and headed through the gift shop.

Ben stopped me, I need to buy Jade something else, I thought this boy is not getting it!

He stopped and picked up a souvenir , a key ring.

Both happy with our morning we headed to the van and the journey back to Glasgow , we had site visits to attend.

New Envirosan adventures coming soon, stay tuned!


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