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What is the point of telling all that estimate about Effluent tanks? Well, it is to tell you about the right way of doing the maintenance.Taking care of this whole system is not really difficult but you must follow the proper guidelines so that you should not get yourself into hassle. Let us start with our guide on how to properly clean your septic tanks, here you go:

1. Do proper installation

The first and foremost step you are going to take is to install the septic system properly so that you can avoid all the problems you will have to face on the way.You need to make sure to run a percolation or soil test in order to confirm that your ground will support a effluent system. You have to run the inspection on the building site that it has the conditions to get the non-problematic system.

2. Things to avoid flushing into the system

Well, now that you have this septic system installed, you need to keep a check on it regularly. You need to check for the toilets and faucets for leaks, and if there are any then you should get the repairs done.If you have basement then you can also check it there so that you can make sure that there are no problems with your system such as leaks.You can use aerators in order to reduce the flow in the showers which will help you to reduce the water consumption. You must add a limit to the flushing the toilet so that you can reduce the water supply. You must use the water as it is needed, not more than that. Thought about disposing the garbage off? Well, this one is going to save you a lot!
You might be flushing your cat’s littering the toilet to the other things such as:·

Butts of cigarettes
Coffee grounds
Facial tissues
Paper towels
Sanitary napkins
Disposable diapers

And whatnot! You never ever flush all these things if you want to keep your effluent tank healthy. Sooner than later you are going to find a clog in your septic tank and obviously you are going to cause yourself a problem.You will find grease that is clogging the drain field of your effluent tank, which eventually will make it impossible for the soil to absorb all the liquids. How all of this is going to end? Well, you are going to need a new drain field, which is going to cause you much expense!

Do you want to make your septic tank, your garbage disposal? You ought not to be doing this to your septic tank!

3. Use baking soda or detergent for cleaning purposes

Well, why we are talking about the heavy duty cleaners?
Well, there are beneficial bacteria’s that do not need to be killed and these heavy duty cleaners are going to kill those as well. You should avoid all these heavy duty cleaners, or you can use them in a small amount. Other chemical that are going to ruin the system are:·

Motor oils
Paint thinners

And many other similar things.

4. How about constructing or planting a garden is for septic tank?

Well, there are many things you need to do if you want to protect your septic system.First of all, you must not drive onto the drive field. The roots of the trees can also be a cause of the leakage so you need to make sure that the nearest tree must be 100 feet away from the system. There are many trees who have these aggressive root growth such as willows, must not be anywhere near to the septic system. If your drain field is soft and wet then it will not be able to neutralize or absorb the liquid waste. So, in order to avoid this, you should plan the foundation, roof gutters, landscaping so that you can divert excessive water away from the drain field.

5. How about covering the area?

You should not cover it with asphalt or concrete and do not ever build any structure over it. If you are covering the area then the solids can be stored because every other time you will try to pump it all you will have to face difficulty. Even then you want to do it then you should get a visible tank cover that you can easily access when needed.

6. The regular pumping

As we all know that prevention is better than the cure, so same goes with the septic system too. You should always pump up the solid waste from your septic system regularly.Which means that you need to perform effluent tank emptying. You must not rely on the calendar in order to go for emptying your septic tank, and you should do it regularly whenever you think it is needed. If we talk about the common time period of pumping the waste out is 12 months. You must check the status of your effluent tank and then go for professional septic tank emptying so that you can spare yourself from the costs you have to bear if you will not do this.If you are pumping the tank regularly then it is going to benefit you in many ways such as:

No pooling or leakage of water
Keeping the environment clean
No excess cleaning
Cost efficient
Increasing the efficiency of your tank

7. Keeping the records clean

If you want to get a cost effective maintenance then you should clean record of your effluent system and water resources. Things that you should be keeping a record off are:·

Water tests

It is going to help you in many ways, such as, remembering the next schedule for maintenance, bringing you the healthy environment and protecting your water resources.

End note

Now, you have all the tips that you can follow in order to properly maintain your septic tank. What if you have followed everything and still your system is being stubborn and causing you issues?

Well, in that case, you need to keep an eye on the drain field. Where you will see that there is some sewage that is bubbling up, you even can smell it.

There might be some unwanted weeds or grass growing aggressively, so you should take it as a hint that something is seriously wrong.

In this case, you should take the help from the professionals like Envirosan Limited and let us do the task for you. You must not ever think of opening up the septic tank yourself if you are not aware of anything about it, as there are dangerous gases and bacteria!

Stay safe and healthy!

Septic Tank Services

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