Portable Toilet Hiring Guide

Portable Toilet Hire:

‍Toilets for construction workers are the essential facility that you must provide. They must be adequate so that workers are able to progress in their work without any hindrance. There are basically two types of Portable Toilet available. First type is the flushing Portable Toilets which must relate to the main water system for drainage purposes. The second type is the chemical Portable Toilets. These are used for temporary construction sites which are available on lower scale. Multiple Portable Toilet hire companies aims to make sure Portable Toilet that will be available on construction sites, basically for the conveniences of the workers. It is up to you to choose the best one as you know that no home or workplace is complete without a toilet. A toilet is a mandatory requirement that we cannot ignore. With numerous portable toilets available in the market it often becomes complex to choose the best one.However, there are several requirements that a Portable Toilet must fulfill to be fit for us. But there are many issues that must be catered when it comes to Portable Toilet. Here is the list of the common issues that need to be entertained in a construction site for smooth running of toilets.


Before ordering portable toilets, it is important to note down the number of workers on the site. The number of toilets for only men workers is different than the working site with men and women both. A survey to notice how frequently toilets are used, number of toilet papers used every day, etc are important surveys that will help decide the number of toilets. Envirosan Ltd has an active team that can help carry out these surveys the most effective way possible.

Safety hazards

Several construction units make use of electric heating water systems. In a place where there is availability of water, construction workers should be trained adequately so that they refrain from any electric shock.

Men and Women

Due to lack of resources men and women must use the same portable toilets. There should be no harm concerning this if the urinals are in a separate cabin. Sanitary waste disposals are also separate for women. To save space the sink can be dual. Moreover, to better serve the workers lockable rooms can have unisex showers.


Due to aggressive work environments cleaning is always an issue. It must be noted that Portable Toilets along with other washing facilities should be regularly cleaned. Cleaning must be done twice a day.


Track the number of supplies needed as they run out fast. Portable Toilet paper and soap are mandatory which is why keep an ample amount that could entertain all the workers.


Toilet areas must have vents. If possible providing an exhaust will be suitable as it will take care of suffocation and odor.

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Portable Toilet Hire

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