Portable Chemical Toilet Hire

If you are organizing an event, you should expect a higher crowd to be present in there. That’s where you will come across the need to get a portable toilet. The existing toilet facilities would not be enough,especially if you are planning to organize a lengthy event or if you want to serve food and beverage to the guests.Here are 10 essential tips, which you need to keep in your mind before you go ahead with Portable Toilet hire.This will provide you with the opportunity to get the best possible experience at the end of the day.

1. Keep the exteriors look good

All people who go ahead with portable toilet hire should make sure that the exteriors of the toilets look good. That’s because first impression counts a lot with the portable toilets. Therefore, you need to create the perfect first impression. The portable toilets should not distract the visitors or it should not ruin the good looks of your event. That’s where you must focus heavily on the exterior looks.

2. Decorate the portable toilets with flowers

It is true that you are getting a portable toilet. However, you need to make sure that you are decorating it with flowers. For that, you can add few extra bouquets to the trailers. The flowers will not just contribute towards the appearance of the portable toilet, but can also provide the portable toilet with a good smell.

3. Get some handy toilet essentials

It is also important for you to make sure that you are getting the handy toilet essentials into the portable toilet. You will not be able to get them from the portable toilet hire company. The things you should get include stain remover pens, breath mints, throw away combs etc. In addition, you should get enough baby wipes, toilet rolls and hand soaps as well.

4. Attach a mirror to the wall

You must attach a mirror to the wall of the portable toilet. It can provide an excellent assistance to the people as well as the behaviors of them. People would appreciate you for the decision that you take to introduce a mirror to the portable toilet.

5. Get hangers

You must also think about getting hangers installed in the portable toilet. This can provide opportunity for the people to hang their bags and coats while using the toilet.

6. Take air fresheners

This is a no brainer for all the people who go ahead with Portable Toilet hire. You need to make the portable toilet smell good. The air fresheners can provide a great assistance to you with that.

7. Get pictures to the walls

It is better if you can get pictures displayed on the walls of the portable toilet. You can get these pictures hung with the help of a double sided sticky tape. Then you will be able to make the walls look good as well.

8. Decorate the portable toilet according to the theme

If you are having a themed event, you need to make sure that you decorate the portable toilet according to the theme of your event. Then you will be able to enhance the appearance and provide a fully immersive experience to the people who come to the event as well.

9. Hire a toilet attendant

You must get the assistance of a toilet attendant for the portable toilet. You need to make sure that the attendant is taking care of the toilet throughout the duration of the event. This will help you to make sure that the toilet remains clean at all times.

10. Get electric candles

Last but not least, you can think about getting electric candles for the portable toilet. This will help you to set up the perfect ambiance at the toilet.All you have to do is to keep these tips in mind when hiring a portable toilet for your event. Then you can get the best possible use out of them.

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Portable Toilet Hiring Guide

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